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Transgender Nose Job

Transgender NoseJob in Beverly Hills & Los Angeles

Transgender nose job is increasing in popularity these days. Thousands of individuals identify with being born into the body of the wrong sex, with male to female gender transitioning being at a ratio of 3 to 1. One of the most pivotal procedures in feminizing a masculine face is the transgender nose job surgery.


In a transgender nose job the overall size of the nose is reduced and the nasal angles are modified to align more closely with those of a woman. Women generally have more prominent cheeks, as well as a finer more delicate nose that that of men. Their noses are usually slightly rotated at the tip as well. In order to achieve these similarities, a fat injection may be used in addition to the nosejob, to enhance the cheeks and to soften facial angles.

The difficulty in this type of nosejob is that male nose jobs are more complicated in general, as often times surgeons are more skilled in nose job on women since they are more common. Male nose job is therefore specialized to begin with and certain specifics need to be taken into account such as their thicker skin.

Dr. Payman Simoni is a skilled nosejob specialist with extensive experience in male nosejob and more specifically that of the male to female nosejob. Dr Simoni notes that, “The transgender nosejob surgery will focus on subtly lifting the tip of the nose and reducing the dorsal bridge, which will greatly help create a enhanced feminine appearance.”


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