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Nosejob 3D Computer Imaging

Nosejob 3D Computer Imaging

Set Goals For your Rhinoplasty Surgery

There are several methods that many Nose job surgeons use to help their patients understand what their surgical result may look like.img9

Before the computer age, Rhinoplasty surgeons used tracing paper overlying the patient photographs. This can give patients a rough idea of what to expect from surgery. Some old timers still like to use this method which is the least expensive method.

With in the last 15 years computer imaging, frequently called computer morphing, has become a very effective way of communicating the intended surgical results and to set goals for surgery. Two dimensional computer imaging has become a standard practice for most nose job specialists. Many patients feel that they do not get the full life like feeling of how they may look in simple two dimensional pictures.

Virtual Plastic Surgery

Face Sculptor - 2 image animation 460 x 240

Most recently, Dr Simoni has made 3D computer imaging and analysis available to his patients. This new technology allows Dr. Payman Simoni and the patient to view a preoperative image in 3 dimensions. The image can be rotated and viewed from any angle and morphing tools allow the result to be simulated in 3D.

It is very important to realize that all imaging and drawings are used to set goals for your nose surgery. There will always be some subtle variations from the simulations when it comes to the surgery. However, the real value in this high tech preoperative tool is that it can increase Dr. Simoni’s understanding of your goals and desires.

vectra computer before after imaging



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