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Best Nose Job Surgeons in Beverly Hills

Dr. Payman Simoni has been chosen as one of top 5 Hollywood Plastic Surgeon and rhinoplasty Specialist by Ok Magazine. Dr. Simoni has also been featured in numerous TV and print media. Dr. Simoni is often selected by doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to do their rhinoplasty surgery.

Before After Nose Job Photos

Beverly hills rhinoplasty pictureRhinoplasty (nose Job) Before and After Photo Gallery. What can you expect when you choose Dr. Simoni for your rhinoplasty (nose job) surgery?    See the Gallery

nose job for models 

why Facial Plastic Surgeons Are Often Considered Best Nose Job Surgeons

Two closely aligned specialists performing rhinoplasty (nose Job) are facial plastic surgeon and general plastic surgeon. As a board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Simoni's final four years of training focused exclusively on the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the Nose, face, head, and neck structures. This in-depth concentration provides the facial plastic surgeon with a strong background in nasal surgery.       Click for more information

Finesse Rhinoplasty: No Breaking or Packing the nose

An often asked question by patients contemplating rhinoplasty is “do you have to break the nose?” In his technique, Dr. Simoni makes an incision into the nasal bones when they need to be repositioned thereby eliminating the more antiquated technique of “breaking” the bones and resetting them. He feels this technique allows for better control of the operation and reduces the patients anxiety about having surgery.

3D Computer Imaging: Step in to the world of Virtual Nose Surgery

3d computer imaging

Dr Simoni is one of the very few nose specialist in the world that has made 3D computer imaging and analysis available to his patients. This new technology allows Dr. Payman Simoni and the patient to view a preoperative image in 3 dimensions. The image can be rotated and viewed from any angle and morphing tools allow the result to be simulated in 3D.


3D computer Imaging for your Nose Surgery procedure.

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"The ideal nose today is a natural looking nose that fits the face."

He has  perfected a revolutionary new technique known as " Finesse Rhinoplasty." In his technique, he refines the underlying cartilages to create a new and better shape. Traditionally, surgeons removed a tremendous amount of nose cartilages in order to make the nose smaller.  Unfortunately, this approach can result in the feared ski slope, pinched or turned-up nose, the "un-natural nose" everyone recognizes. Using Finesse Rhinoplasty," Dr. Simoni removes a minimal amount of valuable tissue and actually repositions what remains with highly specialized, permanent sutures.

This gentle and more natural technique enables the nose to be re-sculpted while retaining its natural look. It is Dr Simoni's philosophy that no nose should ever look surgically done. His goal is always to create a nose that fits the face, and is in harmony with the other facial features. With Dr Simoni "Finesse Rhinoplasty," there is no cookie cutter nose. Read more....

Dr Simoni has been considered as one of the Best Beverly Hills Nose Job Surgeons